Cleaning Faves – Vacuum

When people think of updating their home, they often think of things like re-painting walls a new color or getting new kitchen cabinets. A simple thing that’s easy to overlook is to simply do a more thorough job cleaning. Cleanliness is one of the most obvious things to anyone coming into your home and can make your home feel newer than it is.

Recently I decided to buy a new vacuum to get better cleaning. I realized my cheap vacuum was giving me just what I paid for so I researched top-rated affordable vacuums, and bought the least expensive Dyson ball canister vacuum, under $300. For the first time, I considered things that are important to me:

-getting a vacuum that really cleans thoroughly

-a vacuum that emits less dust, doesn’t add more dust to the air

-is easier on my back to use, easier to carry than an upright

-makes less noise

-has features that make it easier to clean hard-to-reach places

-less waste due to its bagless canister

-retracts cord automatically

I realized how all these features are important to my health. Having a vacuum that is air-tight and doesn’t release dust into the air helps with allergies, makes for cleaner air. Having one that’s easier to use and carry is better for my back health and makes me more likely to use it frequently. And a less noisy vacuum is good for hearing health.

Added benefit to me is the long hose with the brush attachment. it’s easy to change the length of the hose attachment and the attachments themselves with the click of a button. Cleaning doesn’t have to be broken into separate projects now. I can vacuum the bathroom and then easily reach up and vacuum cobwebs in ceiling corners, and vacuum dust off of vent covers. It’s also great for cleaning the laundry room, after vacuuming the floor i can vacuum dust and lint that settles on the top of the dryer. This used to also be two separate cleaning projects which made me tend to put them off.

This model is very powerful and you can adjust the suction to be more or less. I never liked using handheld vacuums to clean carpeted stairs because they’re so loud. This Dyson hose attachment does a thorough job on the stairs and is not loud at all.

I always had an upright vacuum, but they can be very heavy and hard on my back. Carrying this canister means the weight is distributed and easier to carry when I need to switch rooms. When vacuuming, I don’t have to carry the canister, it rolls along behind me very easily. The fact that it retracts the cord with a touch of a button is also a nice feature, i’m less likely to trip over the cord and it’s easier to keep it put away.

Before I really thought about the benefits of a good vacuum, I didn’t see the value in spending a little more, but now that I own this Dyson, I’m happy with the value I got for my money. I appreciate products that have been well thought out, where the user experience is really considered in the creation of the product. I’d recommend you read other reviews as well, but I can definitely give it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Cleaning Faves – Brush

You would think finding something to clean dishes with that’s easy to keep clean would be easy, but it’s tougher than it should be.

Sponges and dish cloths hold bacteria and become smelly, so I was glad to find this OXO brush that’s dishwasher safe. Since it has bristles and you can clean it regularly in the dishwasher, you don’t have the bacteria and odor issues you have with sponges and cloths. And it’s safe to use on non-stick cookware, it doesn’t scratch the surfaces. I give this product a thumbs up.