Painting Walls by Ceilings & Corners

I admire professional painters who can easily cut in perfect straight paint strokes at the ceiling or baseboard. For the rest of us who try but end up with wavy paint lines, here’s an easy trick.

If you’re painting near a ceiling, just take blue painter’s tape, tear off about a 1-foot strip and press on to the ceiling carefully where the ceiling meets the wall. Go slowly to keep the tape as straight as possible. When ready, use a brush to cut in your paint along the tape edge. Even if you’re painting a wall white like I was, see photo, this is a useful trick because ceiling paint white is a much brighter white. White wall paint accidentally painted on the ceiling is definitely noticeable because white paint used on walls tends to be a different shade than ceiling white paint.

I also use this trick when painting corners where I have a different color paint on adjoining walls.

Let your paint dry, remove the paint and voila! Straight clean lines, no waves!